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Hair Whisperers Lice Treatment in Beverly Hills

Head lice can be quite a nightmare - the relentless itching, and the worry that the infestation will spread to family members or classmates, etc. At the Hair Whisperers we provide Beverly Hills clients with proven results, using products that are natural and gentle on hair. We believe most parents prefer non chemical head lice solutions, and many of the traditional products found on store shelves contain pesticides or other harsh ingredients! If you are searching for a one treatment solution, look no further.

Children, teens, and even adults can become victims of lice. No one is immune given that all it takes is touching heads, sharing a comb, brush, or other hair accessory. Schools, camps, daycares, and other places where lots of people are present are the ideal environment for those pesky little bugs that seem impossible to get rid of! Our safe head lice treatment will leave you confident knowing you are lice free! When you want to get rid of lice, count on our manual or machine treatment for exceptional results!

Many parents aren't sure of what products to use, or if they are capable of performing the procedure correctly and eliminating head lice. When you are uncertain of how to get rid of nits, we bring our natural treatment to your home, so you enjoy privacy and a comfortable environment. Whether you prefer manual comb out or our machine that uses heated air to dehydrate lice and their nits, you can be rest assured your child or yourself will be rid of those pesky buggers. We know that your time is important and our procedure only takes around an hour.

Whether you are an individual, school, or camp in the Beverly Hills area, count on the Hair Whisperers to get rid of head lice once and for all! Contact us now at 800-319-8751.

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