Effective, efficient, professional head lice removal for Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Orange, and Ventura County

Employment Opportunities

The Hair Whisperers™ needs help! We are looking for people throughout Southern California including the West Side of Los Angeles, the South Bay, Orange County, Kern County, San Luis Obispo, and Inland Empire. Becoming a nitpicker is a great part-time job with flexibility and fabulous hourly pay. Please email amyg@hairwhisperers.com for more info.

Lice Technicians are in big demand to help families get rid of lice. Shampoos do not kill lice under the age of four days, so manual removal is still the most important step in eradicating all lice.

The National Pediculosis Association believes that the mechanical removal is the safest and most effective way to remove lice and nits. We provide training and great hourly pay. If you are looking for incremental income, please contact us today!

Working in the Lice Industry offers many rewards!

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Call 800-319-8751 to get rid of lice today!