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I was treated for head lice and my head is still itchy!

I get about three calls a day from moms who have been treated who say, "My kid is fine, but I'm still itchy!" Although you have scratched your head before in your lifetime, that was BL (before lice) Now, everytime you scratch your head you think "The lice is back!" It's usually moms who feel like they still have lice when they are the ones that usually had the least amount to begin with. As moms, we think about it way more than our kids do! So, if you are a mom that has been treated but is still feeling like you have lice, please do the following:

Comb your hair with a metal lice comb.
SAVE anything you find and tape it to a white piece of paper.
If it disappears on the white paper, its not lice.
If you can still clearly see it, take a picture and email it to amyg@hairwhisperers.com
I will gladly take a look at it and let you know if it is a bug, an egg, or neither.

If you were treated...

If you were treated with the lousebuster and are finding bugs, we will happily come out to comb you at no charge.
If you were treated once manually, than you should set up a follow up appointment.
If you were treated and did a follow up within the past 14 days, and you still have lice, than we will send someone out for free.
If you were treated and did a follow up and we come out and don't find any lice, we will charge you for the appointment.

The psychological effects of lice linger long after the lice is gone! The comb finds everything, so there are things that are always in your hair but you just never knew about them because you never combed yourself with a lice comb.

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