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Need to Get Rid of Lice, but Don't Live in Southern California?

Though we don't service outside of Southern California, we recommend a few head lice removal companies you can try. If you don't find a company in your area, or prefer to get rid of lice at home, you can purchase our head lice removal products.

Head Lice Companies Servicing Areas Outside of Hair Whisperers' Range

PALMDALE, CA - Hair Pickies

SEATTLE, WA - Lice Knowing You

CHICAGO, IL - Nit Free Noggins

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - Indiana Lice Removal

If you have a local company you'd like to recommend, please email us with your suggestions.

If you want to get rid of lice at home, these head lice pictures show what nits look like in different types of hair. We also show stages of the louse.

picture of lice eggs in hair picture of nit on hair picture of lice eggs in light or grey hair picture of head lice in 3 stages

Want more? This page will tell you how to check for lice. And of course, we offer a guaranteed lice treatment and lice removal services - available nights, weekends, and in your own home!

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