Professional head lice treatment and removal in Long Island

Head Lice Removal Services

The diagnosis of head lice can be stressful on families. Experienced and proven lice removal services such as Hair Whisperers provide options to busy parents who are overwhelmed, or uncertain about their ability to get rid of lice in their home.

We service Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Fire Island*

Manual Lice & Nit Comb Out

Our classic method of combing and manual nitpicking ensures you will be back in school the next day depending on individual school policy. We recommend a follow up appointment 3-7 days later and suggest 5 - 10 minutes of combing a day between visits. We average an hour a head for shoulder length hair with moderate infestations.

Fire Island Appointments: Cost plus ferry charge and dependent on ferry availability

Not sure if what you found is lice? Download our Is it Lice app at the iTunes App Store!

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