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Catering to clients in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, the Hair Whisperers provide safe head lice treatment options in the privacy of your home. Anyone can get lice including children, teens, and adults. If you would prefer not to use products containing pesticides or other potentially harmful ingredients, we believe you will find our non chemical head lice treatment the solution!

Head lice is common today among children and teens, perhaps even more common than a decade ago because of the popularity of "selfies." In these photos, heads are often touching - and that's all it takes to spread those itching little buggers from one person to another. The itching can be relentless, and you worry about lice spreading throughout your entire family. Our safe head lice removal options are guaranteed, so you can rest assured that once our professional technicians complete the removal process, lice and their nits (eggs) are gone.

Lice are not as susceptible to pesticides and other harsh chemicals as they once were. Today there are what are referred to as "super lice," or those who can survive pesticides and other head lice solutions. Our process involves using natural products and a thorough combing technique to remove lice and their eggs. We also offer machine treatment, ideal for those in search of a one treatment lice solution. Whether you or your child are suffering from lice, our treatment options typically take about an hour or 90 minutes depending on how bad the infestation is, length of hair, etc.

Why use pesticides and other harsh products that are messy, potentially dangers, and often ineffective? At the Hair Whisperers, we provide Los Angeles clients with natural lice removal procedures that are super effective and performed in your home. Call us today at 800-319-8751 and say goodbye to those pesky bugs!

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