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Lice Treatment Throughout Orange County

Until recently, the only choices parents had when it came to head lice removal were prescriptions and over-the-counter products, many containing pesticides. Many lice have become resistant to these ingredients, and most parents would prefer not to use potentially dangerous chemicals on their children's heads! If you are in the Orange County area and looking for non chemical head lice treatment, count on the Hair Whisperers for guaranteed results.

We understand most people prefer a one treatment lice solution; after all, those OTC products and head lice shampoo are messy, usually require several applications, and even then don't always do the job. Our professional technicians get rid of lice by using our manual lice removal process or machine treatment, whichever you prefer. We also cater to camps and schools by providing screenings and treatment, and know that these are the ideal environments for an infestation to spread from one person to another. We rely on safe head lice solutions and products that contain no pesticides, ever! Natural lice removal accomplishes the job, leaving you or your child lice-free. No more maddening itch!

Unfortunately, lice are as common today as they were decades ago. Even worse is the fact that "super" lice have become immune to many of the traditional treatments. Our non chemical head lice treatment involves the use of natural, gentle products containing ingredients lice have an aversion to along with a thorough comb-out to completely remove head lice and their nits. Machine treatment is also convenient and effective, and you enjoy having the treatment performed in the privacy of your own home.

Natural lice treatment is effective, affordable, and guaranteed! Hair Whisperers invites those in the Orange County area to contact us today at 800-319-8751.

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