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SD County Treatment to Eliminate Nits and Eggs

At Hair Whisperers we provide San Diego residents and those in surrounding areas with safe head lice solutions. Whether for children, teens, or adults we understand the urgency involved when you want to get rid of lice, however we also realize that the majority of parents prefer non chemical head lice treatment that does not involve pesticides or other potentially harmful chemicals often found in prescription and over-the-counter treatments for lice. Additionally, if you prefer not to have services performed at a head lice salon, we provide our services in the privacy and comfort of your home.

Many people are under the impression that head lice "jump" from one person to another, however this is not the case. These pesky buggers are spread through head to head contact, whether by touching heads, or sharing hair accessories or combs or brushes. The popular practice of taking "selfies" has also increased outbreaks, as many of these photos include participants whose heads are touching. Regardless of how a family member becomes infested, we know that you want a one treatment lice solution that is guaranteed to work!

Whether through manual or machine treatment, our natural lice removal options will leave your child or yourself free of lice and their nits, or eggs. Perhaps you have tried a head lice shampoo or other product with disappointing results, or have experience with OTC products that require repeat applications and even then don't do the job. We remove lice using natural, safe products and a proven combing technique that eliminate lice completely! Our machine treatment is also highly recommended, and eliminates head lice within about one to two hours.

Why go through the hassle or put yourself or your child at risk using pesticides or other chemicals that are potentially dangerous? At the Hair Whisperers, we provide San Diego clients with solutions you can trust, outstanding results guaranteed! Contact us now at 800-319-8751 to learn more about our non-chemical head lice treatments.

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