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SLO Lice Removal - In Home Treatments Available!

At Hair Whisperers, we provide those in San Luis Obispo with head lice solutions you can trust to get the job done, without the need for harsh chemicals or dangerous pesticides. While children and teens are more prone to an infestation, adults can get head lice as well. No matter what your situation, we provide non chemical head lice solutions that are guaranteed in the comfort and privacy of your home!

While you may have considered a head lice salon or clinic, we believe our approach is more personal and allows you to enjoy a private experience. We also provide safe head lice removal to schools and camps, areas where lice are prevalent and infestations often originate. All it takes is the touch of heads, sharing of hair combs or accessories, or even wearing the coat/hat/scarf of someone with head lice to contract those pesky bugs! We have several options to remove lice, including manual removal and machine treatment which works using a device that dries out and kills lice and their eggs (nits).

Perhaps you have tried head lice shampoo or other products often found in stores. While most are not effective, many also contain pesticides or chemicals that may be harsh on the hair. If you prefer a DIY approach, our safe head lice treatment products are safe, natural, and contain no pesticides or dangerous chemicals. Through a combination of our exceptional products and a thorough comb-out, you will experience amazing results.

For more information on how to get rid of lice or our services, we invite you to contact Hair Whisperers today at 800-319-8751. San Luis Obispo residents now have an effective, affordable solution!

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