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Santa Barbara's Premier Lice Treatment Option - We Come to You!

At Hair Whisperers, we know that head lice is just as prevalent as ever in Santa Barbara and across the nation. As long as children, teens, and even adults are in environments with others who may have lice, there will be a need for safe head lice removal. We offer several options and provide non chemical head lice solutions in the privacy of your own home, as well as schools and camps.

Head lice shampoo and other products typically found at your local drugstore or retailers often contain harsh chemicals and even pesticides. Our professional technicians understand that most parents want to avoid using pesticides on their children, or products that could damage the hair. Our natural lice removal is effective, safe, and affordable whether you choose our manual option or a treatment with a device we use for those looking for a one treatment lice solution. This device uses heat directed at all areas of the hair and scalp that effectively "dries out" lice and their nits, killing them dead.

Our non-chemical head lice treatment products are created using safe, natural ingredients that lice find offensive. Once we perform manual lice removal or machine treatment, our products can be used to help prevent a re-infestation. You or your child can finally be rid of those itchy, embarrassing head lice with no discomfort or pain. We believe clients are most comfortable in their own homes, and cater to those in Santa Barbara in search of safe head lice solutions.

Want to learn more about how to get rid of lice, and the options we offer? At Hair Whisperers, we understand many prefer not to go to a head lice clinic, but would rather have treatment in their own homes. For guaranteed relief from lice and eradication of those pesky buggers, contact us today at 800-319-8751.

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