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Do you or your child have head lice? At Hair Whisperers, we focus on delivering safe head lice solutions to clients in Ventura. We understand that it is all too easy for children and teens to become victims of an infestation considering they spend so much time in school, daycare, camp, after-school activities, and other environments where lots of other kids congregate. If you are in search of a one treatment lice solution, we have it along with other non-chemical head lice removal options.

We treat head lice in the privacy and comfort of your home, in addition to providing screenings and treatment for schools and camps. Whether you prefer to remove lice with our manual removal process or a machine designed to kill lice and their eggs using heat, we perform a thorough process to leave you or your child free of those itching, pesky bugs.

Depending on past experience, you may be familiar with the fact that many OTC products designed to remove lice contain potentially dangerous chemicals including pesticides. Our products are made using natural ingredients, and are gentle on the hair. Our safe head lice solutions make it possible to eliminate lice without resorting to harsh chemicals! The ingredients used in our products help guard against re-infestation, and are ideal for those who desire natural lice treatment.

Regardless of the option you choose, our goal is to get rid of head lice once and for all in a way that is most convenient and affordable for you. At Hair Whisperers, our professional technicians invite you to learn more about our processes and the results you can expect by contacting us now at 800-319-8751.

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